HD 7990 with Core i7-3770K benchmarks at Ultra Quality quality settings

In terms of cost, pricing clearly is a genuine issue here and the price of HD 7990 is simply ridiculous. It is worth noting that the HD 7990 is a very power hungry card and requires a decent power supply unit. This combination between HD 7990 and Intel Core i7-3770K @ 3.50GHz has less than 8% bottleneck in many games and is perfect match to avoid FPS loss. In short the performance is exceptional, there's no question that this is one of the most powerful single GPU out there in 2013 . This combination between HD 7990 and Intel Core i7-3770K @ 3.50GHz is a perfect match to avoid FPS loss. With current 3072 MB RAM, the HD 7990 can have very few memory-related bottlenecks in more modern games.

AMD Radeon HD 7990
Price $ 999 1/5 Weak
Year 2013 2/5 Acceptable
Series HD 7990
Maximum Recorded Temperature 82C 2/5 Acceptable
Max Fan Noise 55dB 2/5 Acceptable
Recommended Power Supply 725W 1/5 Weak
Benchmark CPU Intel Core i7-3770K @ 3.50GHz ($248.98)
CPU Impact on FPS + 0 FPS 5/5 Excellent
CPU Impact on FPS % 0%
Benchmark Quality Settings Ultra Quality Settings
Average 1080p Performance 114 FPS 5/5 Excellent
Average 1440p Performance 75 FPS 5/5 Excellent
Average 4K Performance 44 FPS 2/5 Acceptable
Memory 3 GB 3/5 Good
Overall Combination Score 46/100 Good
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Game Performance at Ultra Quality settings

Resolution 1920x1080

Year Game Frames Per Second
132 FPS
100 FPS
161 FPS
78 FPS
145 FPS
73 FPS
89 FPS
132 FPS
138 FPS
106 FPS
114 FPS
104 FPS

Resolution 2560x1440

Resolution 3840x2160

Year Game Frames Per Second
23 FPS
33 FPS
35 FPS
42 FPS
56 FPS
39 FPS
45 FPS
48 FPS
40 FPS
35 FPS
66 FPS
39 FPS
54 FPS
47 FPS
59 FPS

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HD 7990 Specifications

Board Design

Board NumberC476
Length12.1 inches 307 mm
Outputs1x DVI4x mini-DisplayPort
Power Connectors2x 8-pin
Slot WidthDual-slot
TDP375 W

Clock Speeds

Boost Clock1000 MHz
GPU Clock950 MHz
Memory Clock1500 MHz 6000 MHz effective

Graphics Card

Bus InterfacePCIe 3.0 x16
GenerationSouthern Islands (HD 7900)
Launch Price999 USD
Release DateApr 24th, 2013

Graphics Features

DirectX12.0 (11_1)
Shader Model5.1

Graphics Processor

ArchitectureGCN 1.0
Die Size365 mm²
GPU NameMalta
GPU VariantMalta XT (215-0849026)
Process Size28 nm
Transistors4,313 million


Bandwidth288.0 GB/s
Memory Bus384 bit
Memory Size3072 MB
Memory TypeGDDR5

Render Config

Compute Units32
Shading Units2048

Theoretical Performance

FP32 (float) performance4,096 GFLOPS
FP64 (double) performance1,024 GFLOPS (1:4)
Pixel Rate32.00 GPixel/s
Texture Rate128.0 GTexel/s

Critics Reviews

The AMD Radeon HD 7990 AMD reports that the Radeon HD 7990 will be available at e-tail in roughly two weeks for 9, and that price includes eight games as part of the “ Never Settle Reloaded ...
And the fans on the AMD Radeon HD 7990 are at once quiet but any noise is a lot softer than the somewhat harsher tones of the GTX 690, or even the also impressively quiet GTX Titan.
The official HD 7990 is a much more subtle beast (if you can call a 12in/305mm card subtle) and finished in AMD’s red and black livery looks suitably smart.
AMD's Radeon HD 7990 is here! We've been anticipating the release of this card since the HD 7900 Series was introduced, and since NVIDIA released their GeForce GTX 690 flagship almost a year ago. The company's new card is built on the foundation of two full-fledged Tahiti GPUs that come with all shaders unlocked.
Verdict As effective as the cooling is, The AMD Radeon HD 7990 is never going to have the premium aesthetic of the GTX Titan. In graphics card terms, it looks like a super car - it 's practically ...
With AMD binning chips to put together the 7990, it comes as no surprise that voltages are lower than the 7970GE. The load voltage in the 1GHz boost state is 1.2v, and it drops to 1.17v for 950MHz.
The Radeon HD 7990 put up some impressive FPS scores in the Alien vs. Predator benchmark. At both resolutions, the Radeon HD 7990 was the fastest single card of the group, besting the GTX Titan ...
AMD is now releasing its own spin on the CrossFireX card, code-named Malta - the Radeon HD 7990. Yes people, we're talking about a new graphics card, and at £863 (about AU,355, US,300) it ...
Page 1: AMD's Malta Becomes The Radeon HD 7990; Page 2: ... The Verdict. Unanimously, the entire group identified game play on Nvidia’s GeForce GTX 690 as the smoothest. ... The conclusion is ...
Crysis 3 Set decades after the events of Crysis 2, you wake up from a stasis pod to find long lost friend and squadmate "Psycho," who explains how C.E.L.L has virtually taken over the world by monopolizing energy production in Crysis 3.The game lets you take the Crysis trilogy to its logical conclusion by putting a stop to C.E.L.L and an alien armada in a final and epic battle.
Power Consumption (Idle and Gaming) Putting a realistic, repeatable load on a GPU to get a decent idea of its real world power consumption and thermal output has long been something with which we ...
We've been waiting for this since 2011. AMD is ready to unveil its Radeon HD 7990, featuring a pair of Tahiti graphics processors. Can the dual-slot board capture our hearts with great compute and ...
The Radeon HD 7990 was a enthusiast-class graphics card by AMD, launched in April 2013. Built on the 28 nm process, and based on the Malta graphics processor, in its Malta XT variant, the card supports DirectX 12.0.
AMD Radeon HD 7990 Serious AMD engineering, but is it too late to the ultra-enthusiast party? By Dave James 2013-08-12T08:30:00.223Z. Graphics cards . Shares. 1. Introduction 2. Performance 3.
The Radeon HD 7990 is finally official and should become available in a couple of weeks for the bargain basement price of 00. All irony aside, even at that price the Radeon HD 7990 is an ...
Diving right into the thick of things, like the officially unofficial cards before it, AMD’s 7990 is a dual-Tahiti part, placing two of AMD’s flagship GPUs on a single PCB to make a single card.
The Radeon HD 7990 we have with us today is a far cry from the amp-guzzling "New Zealand" cards of 2012, so much so that AMD codenamed it "Malta." It makes do with a dual-slot cooling solution and draws power through two instead of three power connectors.
The AMD Radeon HD 7990 is a worthy competitor in the high-end of the graphics card category. The new AMD Radeon HD 7990 dual-GPU graphics card is meant to challenge Nvidia at the top of the ...