i7-7800X vs Ryzen 5 2600X - Metro Exodus GTX 1080 - Game Performance Benchmarks

i7-7800X Ryzen 5 2600X

Multi-Thread Performance

14525 Pts
14358 Pts

Single-Thread Performance

2250 Pts
2138 Pts

Metro Exodus

i7-7800X vs Ryzen 5 2600X in Metro Exodus using GTX 1080 - CPU Performance comparison at Ultra, High, Medium, and Low Quality Settings with 1080p, 1440p, 4K resolutions

i7-7800X Ryzen 5 2600X

Ultra Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
58.6 FPS
56.3 FPS
45.6 FPS
43.8 FPS
28.7 FPS
27.6 FPS
High Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
93.6 FPS
91.3 FPS
64.6 FPS
62.8 FPS
37.7 FPS
36.6 FPS
Medium Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
114.6 FPS
112.3 FPS
91.6 FPS
89.8 FPS
53.7 FPS
52.6 FPS
Low Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
160.6 FPS
158.3 FPS
150.6 FPS
148.8 FPS
99.7 FPS
98.6 FPS
    Ryzen 5 2600X
    • The Ryzen 5 2600X has higher Level 2 Cache. Data/instructions which have to be processed can be loaded from the fast L2 and the CPU does not have to wait for the very slow DDR RAM
    • The Ryzen 5 2600X has higher Level 3 Cache. This is useful when you have substantial multiprocessing workloads, many computationally intense simultaneous processes. More likely on a server, less on a personally used computer for interactive desktop workloads.
    • For some games, a cpu with a higher clock speed, or in a technical name IPC (Instructions per clock), has better results than other CPU's with higher core count and lower core speed.
    • The Ryzen 5 2600X is more power efficient and generates less heat.
    • The Ryzen 5 2600X has a higher turbo clock boost. Turbo Boost is a CPU feature that will run CPU clock speed faster than its base clock, if certain conditions are present. It will enable older software that runs on fewer cores, to perform better on newer hardware. Since games are software too, it is also applicable to them.
    • The Ryzen 5 2600X has a smaller process size. The faster a transistor can toggle on and off, the faster it can do work. And transistors that turn on and off with less energy are more efficient, reducing the operating power, or “dynamic power consumption,” required by a processor.

    Compare i7-7800X vs Ryzen 5 2600X specifications

    i7-7800X vs Ryzen 5 2600X Architecture

    i7-7800X Ryzen 5 2600X
    GenerationCore i7 (X-Series)Ryzen 5 (Zen+ (Pinnacle Ridge))
    Memory SupportDDR4DDR4
    Part#unknownYD260XBCM6IAF YD260XBCAFBOX
    Production StatusActiveActive
    ReleasedJun 2017Apr 2018

    i7-7800X vs Ryzen 5 2600X Cache

    i7-7800X Ryzen 5 2600X
    Cache L164K (per core)96K (per core)
    Cache L21MB (per core)512K (per core)
    Cache L38.25MB (shared)16MB (shared)

    i7-7800X vs Ryzen 5 2600X Cores

    i7-7800X Ryzen 5 2600X
    # of Cores66
    # of Threads1212
    Integrated GraphicsN/AN/A
    SMP # CPUs11

    i7-7800X vs Ryzen 5 2600X Features

    i7-7800X Ryzen 5 2600X

    i7-7800X vs Ryzen 5 2600X Notes

    i7-7800X Ryzen 5 2600X
    This processor comes with an unlocked BCLK multiplier, allowing users to set the multiplier value higher than shipped value, to facilitate better overclocking.This processor comes with an unlocked base clock multiplier, allowing users to set the multiplier value higher than shipped value, to facilitate better overclocking.

    i7-7800X vs Ryzen 5 2600X Performance

    i7-7800X Ryzen 5 2600X
    Base Clock100 MHz100 MHz
    Frequency3.5 GHz3.6 GHz
    Multiplier UnlockedYesYes
    TDP140 W95 W
    Turbo Clockup to 4 GHzup to 4.25 GHz

    i7-7800X vs Ryzen 5 2600X Physical

    i7-7800X Ryzen 5 2600X
    Die Sizeunknown192 mm²
    Process Size14 nm12 nm
    SocketIntel Socket 2066AMD Socket AM4
    Transistorsunknown4800 million

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    whispersbrain 1 year ago
    I7-7800x or i7-7700k for 1080 ti sli
    Which would be best going for 4k gaming
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    trophybakery 1 year ago
    Wait for the more powerful 6c/12t 8700k coming out sometime around next month. It will be better than both.
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    trophybakery 1 year ago
    Thermal Paste Configuration for i7-7800X CPU
    Built my first PC over a few weeks ago now but due to a few errors on my behalf I had some problems with mounting the H110i Liquid Cooler resulting in the pre-applied thermal paste just slightly coming away around the edges of the heatsink. My temps are steady at 40°c-45°c when idle (CAM and ASUS' Thermal Radar sometimes differ on temps) which isn't BAD but it isn't exactly good either so I have bought some Arctic MX-4 Thermal Paste which I am planning on using once it arrives to lower my temps even more. I know the procedure of cleaning the CPU etc, but I wanted to know the best method of applying the thermal paste (pea, line, X, etc) - I've heard conflicting things about how it depends on the type of CPU (mine is stated in the title) and the type of paste used so I wanted a straight answer.
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    astonishedtanning 1 year ago
    The method I use is putting about a grain of rice amount of thermal paste on the CPU then spreading it evenly & as thin as possible over the CPU with a flexible card such as a credit or store card. It may take a few tries to get it right but I find it more effective then the line or X application.
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    barbonboxy 8 months ago
    I7 7800x for Gaming
    I bought a gaming PC about a year ago form Ibuypower. It has an i7 7800x CPU, 16 gigs of memory and a 1080 (non Ti) GPU. I has been great running a 144hz 1440 monitor for gaming.

    I just preloaded Fallout 76 and the system spec checker says I am good to go except the CPU, it is unsure about it. I asked in the game's forum and was told the game just isn't aware of that CPU and it is "rare" in the gaming world a "waste" for gaming but it should be fine.

    This got me to thinking, even if the extra cores are a waste, is the processor slow in terms of current offerings? Is it hurting my game performance and worth considering an upgrade?
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    interestrigil 8 months ago
    The 7800x fits in for a mixed gaming productivity build with the extra PCIe lanes..If you are only using the build for gaming, then yes it loses just a little to the top gaming CPU's like the 8700K, 9700K and 9900K.

    I still say at the resolution you are playing at, 1440p, it is more than good enough and a upgrade to a 1080ti/2080 would be the much better bet, than a wholesale change to the Z390 and 8700K or 9900K side as your GPU is the biggest factor in play at the moment...

    Sell the 1080 and upgrade to a second hand 1080ti or to a new 2080/2080ti...though the 2080 series is so absurdly priced.
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    coffeediscover 1 year ago
    AMD Ryzen 1800x or Intel i7-7800X?
    So I've finally narrowed it down to two CPUs...AMD Ryzen 1800x or Intel i7-7800X.

    I am going to be using the computer mainly for heavy live streaming and video rendering and playing some of the latest games as well.

    Which CPU do you think is better between the two?

    Thanks for your help again!
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    lyricsdata 1 year ago
    The 1800X is cheaper and will do all those taskes like video rendering and live stream encoding just as well as the 7800X. Because Intel is still king from gaming, you may see a slight increase with the 7800X over AMD 1800X. It will be game dependent and probably not noticeable outside of benchmarks.

    For someone on a budget the 1800X wins, However the 2066 has a lot more CPUs that you can upgrade to down the line if that is a thing you want to do. the Ryzen AM4 socket is maxed out with a 1800X. You will need a new MB for AM4+ in the future.
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    cookeroxidize 1 year ago
    Motherboard for Intel
    I am building a PC mainly for video editing and some pc gaming.
    What motherboard would pair well with a Intel - Core i7-7800X. Also is that a good CPU for such a build. No MSI please
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    hoodenfood 1 year ago
    Honestly when you are using parts that are as high end as this, typically it ends up coming down to personal preference as after a certain point they all balance out fairly evenly. Unfortunately I have not yet worked with this cpu however In my most recent build I used an Asus ROG board.

    I understand that my knowledge in this area is limited however I hope you find a suitable solution
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    awedcuddly 2 years ago
    Upgrade from i5-3570k to i7-7800X
    I am wondering what everyone thinks the benefit will be for upgrading. I currently have a i5-3570k CPU on an Asus Maximus V Formula (z77) with a 1080 Ti. I would need to upgrade the CPU, Ram, and Mobo, at least.

    Would I see a real benefit?
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    murreletrapunzel 2 years ago

    Have you tried overclock yet?

    More CPU utilization does not neccesarily mean a serious bottleneck?

    i5 3570K is all you are going to need, at least in 2017

    If you were to buy a new CPU, I wouldn't buy a 7800K

    There are major issues with many motherboard VRMs and those CPUs are very power hungry.

    I'd wait for coffe lake to come
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    murreletrapunzel 1 year ago
    i7 7740x vs i7 7800x which should i choose?
    i7 7740x

    Max Number of PCI Express Lanes : 16
    Memory Types : DDR4-2666
    Memory Channel : 2

    i7 7800x

    Memory Types : DDR4-2400
    Memory Channel : 4
    Max Number of PCI Express Lanes : 28

    memory channel like? 4 slot memory on motherboard? and pci-lanes? does it help ?
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    hangoverneedles 1 year ago
    A 7700k is easily enough for gaming, in fact, it's regarded as the best cpu for gaming at the moment, it slightly outperforms the ryzen cpu's. It is also pretty good for multi core performance, but not the best. Ryzen or x299 would be best, I would buy ryzen 7 instead of x299 though. x299 is just a waste of money.
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    reiteratewade 2 years ago
    X299 7800x I7
    I dont understand all the hate for these this new socket. I honestly thought that it looks really good for the people who dont want to buy AMD and Ryzen. Unless i missed something in regard to this new socket ? I hear people complain about the moth boards not being able to use all the PCI E lanes but looking more closely 7700k and 7740x have the same which is 16. Im sitting on my 4790k right now but this cpu 7800x did spark my interest. I did my research and found that asus sabertooth mark 2 2066 was about the same in price as a ASus crosshair AM4. I did want a few extra core to render videos and be able to play games in such. Does and one have a Opinion if they dont think this is a wise choice to go 7800x ? I currently dont see any thing bad
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    appraisersquash 2 years ago
    the problem is that they released a mainboard, a socket that nobody asked really, with no cpus using all the features at launch, they took cpus from the previous generation and put them in the new socket, which made them look really bad because those old cpus couldn't use half of resources available, for a high end user, that is a joke

    amd was very clear from the beginning, what the socket and cpu could and could not do, release a 7740, well, is a bad joke, also is expensive cpu, which has no justification and the mainboard for that unjustifiable cpu is alot more expensive than a normal z270 mainboard

    this socket is not for games, it is for content creators ready to get at least 10 cores, they deliver 4, form the previous generation, well, that was a surprise, not a good one

    it is not wise to go with ny of those extremely expensive cpus form intel, no, when they lower prices, perhaps

    if threadripper doesn't mess them up, maybe, but no, not a real reason to support a panic socket, released as garbage form their server line of cpus, which not much people beg to get, especially at 1000 dollars
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    addiebecome 1 year ago
    I7 7800x vs i7 7820x for gaming
    Hi everyone. Which CPU should i choose for gaming? I7 7800x or i7 7820x? Actually i7 7800x is 100$ cheaper,but i worry about performance and temperature. My case Cooler Master Cosmos II can only fit 280mm radiator max.
    P.S i play more CS:GO
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    flyablepursuable 1 year ago
    Well, it's really all about perspective. 7800x is definitely more than enough to play games and realistically, if both 7800x and 7820x are clocked similarly - there won't really be any real difference in games.

    I just think it's shame to waste X299 platform on 6/12 CPU, but it is enough to play games yes, provided you can OC is well.
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    hinnisdalteith 1 year ago
    I7 7800X high temps in idle and under load
    Good morning everyone,

    So I recently got this setup but temps in idle jumps from 30c to 50c and 60c quick and goes back down, when under load can even go as high as 104c peak but goes down quick to the 80s, I have removed my h100v2 couple of time already to check if it wasn't sitting right or thermal paste wasn't covering the cpu but everything looks find in that part. I notice that even in the bios is high at its 50c, my build is listed below. Please if you have any advise that can help me with this problem I will take it, thanks in advance. Apologize with my gramma isn't that good.

    Update: Voltage in cpu is in auto, took off the boots mode and the peak is gone now but still with high temps like idle 40c to 50c and underload 60c to 80c sometimes peaks to 90c.

    i7 7800x

    Gpu cooling corsair h100i v2

    Mono Asus rog strix x299 xe

    Dram 2x16g ripjaws v 3200

    Gpu 1080ti founders edition with hybrid kit installed from evga

    Psu corsair HX850i

    Case corsair 570x rgb serie

    6 sp120 rgb fans
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    metacarpalwham 1 year ago

    I am so sorry for the late response. But what it seems to me that if you are overclocking you could be having too much voltage (More voltage = More heat). Try manually overclocking or use XMP overclocking. You can use manual mode to test the stability and if successful. Switch to adaptive mode for everyday use instead of slapping the CPU in the face with the same voltage causing the life span to decrease.
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    gillsgraphic 1 year ago
    i7 7800x vs i7 8700k
    So I can have i7 7800x delid and 4.8ghz for 320euros. And I can get i7 8700k for 370euros. If I get i7 8700k I will buy 250euros motherboard and same with 7800x. 7800x voltage is 1.275v. Which one should I pick?
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    astonishedtanning 1 year ago
    If you need 2 graphic cards in sli i would go for a bit older generation, the 6850K which has 40 pcie lanes, this can run 2 gpus at 16x and 8 lanes to spare, also has quad channel memory. All this depends on your workloads (for what the pc is used). For gaming and a single videocard 8700K is more recommended.
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    radiationhig 1 year ago
    i7 7800x or TR1900x?
    Which one performs better overall? I'm interested in both to replace my fx 9590, but I'm not sure which one to go for.

    They are priced similarly. The i7 is around £300, the threadripper is at £350. I'm after the designare ex motherboard from Gigabyte. Both x299 and x399 chipsets have this board (That's the reason why I want these processors, cause the designare ex just looks too awesome to pass on). As soon as I saw the board, I was like 'wow'...


    I currently have a GTX 1050ti for my gpu, and I plan on upgrading that in maybe 2 or 3 years.

    There's a few things to keep in mind:
    My main priorities are a mix of:
    -Efficiency (Anything is better than the 9590)
    -Gaming Performance (I play racing simulators, esports titles, BF1 and Destiny 2)
    -Hosting a minecraft server (Stability is key, I have plans for hundreds of players online, not sure if cores help under loads like that or not)
    -Possibly streaming in the future

    So yeah, which one is better overall? The i7 7800x or the TR1900x? The i7 only has 6 cores but better single-threaded performance.The threadripper 1900x has 8 cores but less single threaded performance. I'm torn.

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    endnotetokahee 1 year ago
    You're prioritizing aesthetics over performance... Because the 8700k kanewolf suggested would outperform both of those cpus in most situations.

    If you really insist on getting one, then the x399. Maybe(doubt it) you'll be able to utilize all of it's features and 64 pcie lanes, whereas you only get 28 with the 7800.
    Even with a windowed case, you won't be able to see most of the board that you so greatly admire anyways...
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    cleaversculling 6 months ago
    X299+I7-7800X or Z390+I7-9700k
    Hello I can deside if to buy x299 or z390
    Z390 (250$ MOBO)+i7-9700k
    Which one I should go with?
    And is there is a difference between 1151v2 and 1151?
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    pugsleyimprudent 6 months ago
    Almost certainly the 9700k.

    Consider the 7800x only if you either need more than 64 GB of RAM or if your application is limited by memory bandwidth (it probably isn't).

    The 9700k has a limit of 64 GB of RAM and a maximum memory bandwidth of 42 GB/Sec.
    The 7800x has a limit of 128 GB of RAM and a maximum memory bandwidth of 79 GB/Sec.

    The 9700k is pretty much better in every other way.
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    synthesisgem 1 year ago
    R7 1700X I7 7700K I7 7800X Streaming and Gaming
    i just upgraded to an 1080 ti but my I5 4690K can't handle that kind of performance so i wanted to upgrade.
    i don't know to what CPU i found these three CPU's fit the best in my budget.
    I normally play games and stream on the side.
    i'm going to combine the R7 1700X with 3000mhz ram since i found out that higher speeds for Ryzen equal more performance.

    please help me out which one to Choose
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    scantutility 1 year ago
    7700k and quicksync works pretty well. If you want the ABSOLUTE best performance, you could just use the i5 as a dedicated streaming rig and then build a gaming pc around the 7700k, but the 1700X is a pretty good all in one solution. All depends on what kind of games you play. If you're a CSGO streamer then you might want to stick it out with Intel (Ryzen is slower than Intel in that game by quite a bit) but for every other game the 1700X makes a lot of sense.
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    conclusiongigabyte 10 months ago
    i7-7800X need best air cooler
    I could easily buy a liquid cooler and call it a day, but unfortunately this is going into a 4U rack server chassis. it has a double 120mm fan but its covered by drive bays. the only other fan is 80mm, and i dont know any liquid coolers with a radiator that small. I am thinking air cooler. It is a i7-7800X so im concerned about temps. Ideas for cooling?
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    balearicventricle 10 months ago
    5 inch that would be around ~130-140mm?
    A low profile cooler such as this could work:
    The noctua alternative would be good choices as well.
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    bogeycycle 1 year ago
    Intel Core i7-7800X or 7700k for streaming?
    going to replace my i5-7600k since Im getting lot of "encoding overloaded" messages on OBS even when its overclocked to 5.0 on higher demand games.
    With destiny 2 around the corner I want something that it going to handle streaming no problem. Should I upgrade to the Intel Core i7-7800X or 7700k?
    Do the extra cores really make a difference? I'm new to this stuff. If there is a chip that is better than both but still under 400? please feel free to suggest that as well.
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    schoolsunkindness 1 year ago

    That's not the case, the 7700k is a capable 1080p streamer, but you still have the option to - as chemmajorp53 posted, to sell what you currently have... then get a Ryzen 1700 setup.

    I'm okay with just buying the 7700k. I would rather stay intel. I have a kraken x52 and I'm not even sure it would work with a ryzen setup but I'm not sure. Is the ryzen better for streaming than a i7 7700k? If it is I guess I could look into it for sure

    In regard to that kraken, you could always check the product page to see which sockets are supported.
    IF you were building a gaming/streaming rig from scratch, I'd have suggested a Ryzen 1700 build. 8c/16t vs the 7700k's 4c/8t. But since you already have a mobo and ram, the small edge you'd get from the Ryzen 1700 in streaming isn't worth the cost of a brand new cpu, mobo, and ram over just getting a 7700k.
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    primppicalo 1 year ago
    is the prime z270-AR good enough for a i7 7800X?
    Hey guys,
    I have recently purchased a Prime z270 motherboard and now am looking to upgrade my CPU, i was just wondering if the board will fit a 7800X or should i get the 7700K?

    The computer its going in is primarily used for gaming but is also used for video editing and photoshop.

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    lichentwotinos 1 year ago
    A socket 2066 cpu will not work in a socket 1151 motherboard. The 7700k is the fastest cpu for a socket 1151 Z270. You'll need a x299 board for the socket 2066 7800x.
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