i7-8700 vs i5-8500 - Assassin's Creed Odyssey GTX 1080 - Game Performance Benchmarks

i7-8700 i5-8500

Multi-Thread Performance

15150 Pts
11972 Pts

Single-Thread Performance

2628 Pts
2410 Pts

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

i7-8700 vs i5-8500 in Assassin's Creed Odyssey using GTX 1080 - CPU Performance comparison at Ultra, High, Medium, and Low Quality Settings with 1080p, 1440p, 4K resolutions

i7-8700 i5-8500

Ultra Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
64.3 FPS
62.6 FPS
45.3 FPS
44.8 FPS
31.9 FPS
31.6 FPS
High Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
99.3 FPS
97.6 FPS
64.3 FPS
63.8 FPS
40.9 FPS
40.6 FPS
Medium Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
120.3 FPS
118.6 FPS
91.3 FPS
90.8 FPS
56.9 FPS
56.6 FPS
Low Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
166.3 FPS
164.6 FPS
150.3 FPS
149.8 FPS
102.9 FPS
102.6 FPS
  • The i7-8700 has higher Level 3 Cache. This is useful when you have substantial multiprocessing workloads, many computationally intense simultaneous processes. More likely on a server, less on a personally used computer for interactive desktop workloads.
  • The i7-8700 has more threads. Larger programs are divided into threads (small sections) so that the processor can execute them simultaneously to get faster execution.
  • For some games, a cpu with a higher clock speed, or in a technical name IPC (Instructions per clock), has better results than other CPU's with higher core count and lower core speed.
  • The i7-8700 has a higher turbo clock boost. Turbo Boost is a CPU feature that will run CPU clock speed faster than its base clock, if certain conditions are present. It will enable older software that runs on fewer cores, to perform better on newer hardware. Since games are software too, it is also applicable to them.

    Compare i7-8700 vs i5-8500 specifications

    i7-8700 vs i5-8500 Architecture

    i7-8700 i5-8500
    CodenameCoffee LakeCoffee Lake
    GenerationCore i7 (Coffee Lake)Core i5 (Coffee Lake)
    Memory SupportDDR4DDR4
    Production StatusActiveActive
    ReleasedJan 2018Feb 2018

    i7-8700 vs i5-8500 Cache

    i7-8700 i5-8500
    Cache L164K (per core)64K (per core)
    Cache L2256K (per core)256K (per core)
    Cache L312MB (shared)9MB (shared)

    i7-8700 vs i5-8500 Cores

    i7-8700 i5-8500
    # of Cores66
    # of Threads126
    Integrated GraphicsN/AN/A
    SMP # CPUs11

    i7-8700 vs i5-8500 Features

    i7-8700 i5-8500

    i7-8700 vs i5-8500 Performance

    i7-8700 i5-8500
    Base Clock100 MHz100 MHz
    Frequency3.2 GHz3 GHz
    Multiplier UnlockedNoNo
    TDP65 W65 W
    Turbo Clockup to 4.6 GHzup to 4.1 GHz

    i7-8700 vs i5-8500 Physical

    i7-8700 i5-8500
    Die Sizeunknownunknown
    Process Size14 nm14 nm
    SocketIntel Socket 1151Intel Socket 1151

    Compare i7-8700 vs i5-8500 in more games

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    Share Your Comments 1 month ago
    I5-9600k, c'est mieux parce que le caca c'est bon
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    memberssporty 10 months ago
    i5 8600k or i7 8700 (non k)
    Quick question what makes most sense to upgrade to a i5 8600k or i7 8700?

    I have a gtx 1080 i should be able to oc to around 1900mhz atm 1700mhz but i only have an i5 8400 and was wondering what the best upgrade is, an i5 8600k i would oc to around 70-75 c and still have my scythe mugen 5 be silent or a stock i7 8700 i know just because of the additional threads get's alot hotter compared to an equal fast,oc'ed i5

    My i5 8400 goes up to 60 c in prime95 small fft, i have an 2560x1440 144hz/165hz monitor so max performance is something i wouldn't mind having.

    When im taking test like on game debat to se my performance score my cpu often score lower compared to the recomendation needed in 2560x1440
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    zebraaudio 10 months ago
    I run my 8600k at 5.0ghz 24/7. I probably get 15 to 20 fps more then I would at stock. I have a 2560x1080 144hz LG monitor. I get good framerates even though I am only rocking a gtx 1070. I personally think you will be very happy with the i5 8600k
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    stickssnaking 9 months ago
    CPU Temperature is high on i7 8700

    My cpu temperature is high from computer starting. At the beginning temp is 55c & while i am running normal task, it stays from 61c-70c. I have run Intel Extreme Tune 5min stress test. @ 100% load, cpu core temp goes upto 85c. I usually run 3d animation & vfx software. Now I am concern with my new setup temperature. Due to high temp, I haven't start heavy work in my new setup yet.

    I have been running my pc in non-air conditioned environment.

    Current weather: 29c - 34c
    Precipitation: 92%
    Humidity: 81%

    Looking for suggestion/solution.

    My PC config:

    Casing Fan: Corsair 4x 120mm (12v)- 2400RPM-Max
    Cpu Air Cooler: Cryorig C7

    System Model Z370 AORUS Gaming 5
    System Type x64-based PC
    System SKU Default string
    Processor Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz, 3192 Mhz, 6 Core(s), 12 Logical Processor(s)

    CPU Vcore: 1.12v - 1.14v

    BIOS Version/Date American Megatrends Inc. F4, 11/9/2017
    Installed Physical Memory (RAM) 16.0 GB
    Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti
    M.2 PNY CS2030 240GB SSD

    Casing: Corsair Carbide Series™ 100R Mid-Tower Case

    I have attached the picture of my present condition of desktop


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    ancestorantarctic 9 months ago
    extremely benchmark usually cause CPU to generates an enormous amount of heat.
    the fact that your cooler is able to cool it @ 85C, is really good. and your normal temp is less than 70, i wouldn't worry over it.

    as for improvements. could you tell us how big is your case?
    if you can fit a 240 or bigger AIO, that will definitely help, make sure that you have good airflow over the cpu area, as your mobo vrm will get pretty hot during high load.

    other wise,
    if you are constantly under high load for your cpu, you could use a table fan directly at the side of the case, with the cover open.
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    meiosisrocky 10 months ago
    Ryzen 2600 vs i7 8700 valuewise
    Hey guys im not sure whether or not i should buy a ryzen 2600 or a i7 8700. Currently i have a i5 3570k and gtx 970 and the cpu died just recently so looking to upgrade my cpu. For the ryzen build it would cost around 0 while the i7 8700 build will cost around 750.

    Ryzen build: ryzen 2600 +16 gb 3200mhz ddr4 ram + b450 tomahawk mobo msi + air cooler

    Intel build : i7 8700 + 16 gb 3200 mhz ddr4 ram + cheap h310m board

    Therefore 750 / 650 = 1.15

    Currently im playing mostly fortnite on 1080p low settings and want to hit 144 fps for my 144hz monitor as im currently sitting at around 100 fps.

    Hence will i expect the i7 8700 build to deliver 1.15 the performance of the 2600 or more?

    I know once you go higher than 1080p, most games become gpu bound but im not too sure in my scenario given im trying to get higher fps over better quality settings.

    Thank you in advance.
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    kittzero 1 year ago
    i7 8700 vs i7 8700K(No overclocking)
    I have been using the i5 4590 and now I am going for a full upgrade which includes RAM,MOB etc.The internet is blowing up about how awesome the i7 8700K is for gaming but nobody seems to talk about the i7 8700.Can someone please tell me which one to go for,the non K version or the K version.Please keep in mind that I will not be overclocking even if I get the K version and will the difference in gaming performance be significant when both CPUs are running at stock settings.
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    astonishedtanning 1 year ago
    i5 8400 vs i7 7700 vs i7 8700 for gaming
    I am thinking that how much i7 8700 is better than i7 7700 and can i5 8400 is good enough for gaming like PUBG , AC origins , battlefield 1, titanfall 2 , R6 Siege , GTA 5 , and more upcoming games.. i7 8th gen is priced high and its motherboard is also high priced thats why m confused to go with i7 7700 or i7 8700 , Or i5 8400 is enough ?

    I will pair it with Zotac GTX 1080 Mini

    Thank you and sorry for my English. Btw i live in India
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    mercifultuesday 8 months ago
    i7 8700k vs i7 8700?
    So I'm building a PC, and I was wondering what to get. I wanna know the difference between these CPU's. I don't think I would be overclocking anytime at all, as i don't initially like it. So I will be depending it on the base clock speed and such. I will be playing most AAA games, and I won't be editing videos or anything. Maybe having a few tabs in the background and such; but no editing or streaming videos. So mainly, just playing games and surfing the web and such. However, I will be getting a monitor, with 144hz G Sync 1440p. So... 8700k? or 8700?
    Also, what power supply would be best for this build? 600? 750? 850?
    Also, I'm trying to buy a NZXT S340 ELITE, however it is sold out, like couple of months and I don't think it will be back in stock. Will the NZXT H500i be good enough for it?

    My PC specs:
    Motherboard: Asus Rog Strix Z370-E
    GPU: EVGA 1070 TI (because I already have one,but maybe upgrading to a 1080 Ti in the future)
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    ouncesubpanel 8 months ago
    I7 8700 air cpu cooler
    Hey guys I'm building a gaming pc and want it to perform well. I have a gtx 1080ti gpu with a i7 8700(Non k) with a very big case with ample fans to cool all my hardware.I want to get a cooler Master master air G100 for my cpu mainly because of a esthetics(it's low profile) . I live in South Africa and the summers here can get very hot, up to 40 degrees celcius and my main concern would be the cpu temperature creating a bottleneck because of thermal throttling. I know the non k version don't get that hot because it's locked but would like to know if this cooler would be sufficient for running very demanding games on hot summers?
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    hypocrisywrongful 9 months ago
    Intel Core i7 8700K or i7 8700
    Guys, I'm planning on building a new gaming pc rig, and I came upon the option to whether choose an i7-8700k or i7-8700,
    But considering the fact that I'm NOT planning on overclocking my CPU in any way, will it make any difference?
    non-overclocked i7-8700K vs i7-8700?
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    molecularvaseline 8 months ago
    Should I get i5 9600k or i7 8700 for gaming
    I’ll be using which ever one for gaming with a rtx 2070 , and I won’t be over clocking on it at least for 3 years. {{same price}}

    if i chose i5 9600k will the msi Z370 gaming pro support ? or i should get another one, suggest me one motherboard fits.
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    conclusiongigabyte 1 year ago
    Used I7 4770s vs i7-8700
    Hello so I'm planning on buying either new or used pc
    I can buy used I7 4770s with 16gb of 1600mhz ram
    128ssd and 1t hdd
    Mobo: H81m-e33 and some case
    Everything would cost 430 or 520 with gtx 680. Not sure if I Should take 680 for 90 since I plan on buying gtx 1060 or 1070
    Or I could build a new pc with i7-8700 but the total would be around 900 eur. Thats 2 times the price.
    Which should I go for? I understand that the new intel should be around 50% faster?
    Will I see the difference in gaming?
    PLanning on playing on 1080p only. 1440p to expensive
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    stressvanquish 8 months ago
    Should I get i5 9600k or i7 8700 for gaming
    I’ll be using which ever one for gaming with a 1080 ti, and I won’t be over clocking on it. A big thing for me is the 9600k is a lot cheaper than the 8700
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    underpassaffected 8 months ago
    I7 8700 Vs i7 8700k
    I'm about to buy a i7 8700 cpu but I was wondering if getting the k chip is worth it for +80£
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    foderntider 1 year ago
    Motherboard for i7 8700
    Hey, people.

    I want to upgrade my CPU to a i7 8700. I'm not into overclocking, which is why I'm going for the non-K variant.

    Anyway, I will need some motherboard. My only requirement is that it should have decent VRM and cooling for it. It should also be able to sustain max turbo clock for extended periods of time.

    I was looking at one of the bellow boards.

    Initially I wanted the AORUS H370 for its wifi, dual bios and there is a promo which gives me Far Cry 5 for free, which is sweet. But I read the power phases are doubled on this one, so I don't know what to say.

    Any opinions?

    Gigabyte AORUS H370 Gaming 3 Wi-Fi


    ASRock Fatal1ty H370 Performance


    ASRock Z370 Killer SLI


    MSI B360 Gaming Pro Carbon


    Asus ROG Strix B360-F Gaming

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    shapeoutline 1 year ago
    2400mhz vs 2666mhz DDR4 RAM for i7 8700
    I wonder if there will be much performance difference between 16gb 2400mhz vs 2666mhz ddr4 ram.
    The pc is mainly for gaming (witcher 3, assassin's creed origins, gta 5, etc). The specs are the following:
    Processor: Intel i7 8700
    Mobo: Asrock Fatal1ty H370 Performance
    Graphic: Galax GTX 1070ti EX

    I'm quite tight on budget so I am hoping to get the RAM under 0. Currently interested in Team Vulcan Series ddr4 2666mhz 2x8gb for only 5, but still looking for other options.

    I noticed that my motherboard supports RAM only up to 2666mhz, so I'm not buying anything above that speed. Back to the question, will 2400mhz vs 2666mhz has noticeable performance difference?
    Is there anything else I should pay attention to besides the speed?
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    chapmarried 1 year ago
    Ryzen 7 2700x or i7 8700 for a gtx 1070ti ?
    i know that intel will perform better but by how much ?
    all the benchmarks i see uses 1080tis what about the 1070ti
    isnt the performance gap closes when the gpu power is lower ?
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    stormletter 1 year ago
    i7-7700 or i7-8700
    Hello guys,
    I am building a pc with gtx 1080ti and keeping my budget as low as possible cause i just want to do 4k and futureproof it for atleast 3 to 4 years or more . So here's the deal:
    If i get i7-8700(0) and a good mobo (0) it would be something 0. But i7-7700 is available on amazon right now as 'used-like new' which means only seal of box is broken for 0 and i could get a good mobo for it for about . There is a difference of 0. While performance gap is very small considering i m going to be doing 90% gaming
    Should i get the i7 7700 or not and is it i7 8700 worth the 0gap?
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    servicesdicing 1 year ago
    i5 8400 vs i7 8700
    I'll be building a work station computer this week and i want to ask you guys what should be the best value for my money between i5 8400 or i7 8700. Currently, I'm using i5 3470. I will use the said PC mainly for programming with the following apps installed.

    Visual Studio with Resharper
    Sql Server Management Studio
    Android Studio
    JetBrains WebStorm

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    dillsonore 1 year ago
    i7 8700 ( non k ) or Ryzen 7 2700 for gaming ?
    hi , im building a pc for gaming at 1080p 75hz with a gtx 1070ti
    and im having a hard time choosing from these two the i8 8700 (non k) and the ryzen 2700
    if i go with intel i must replace the stock cooler and get the cryorig h7
    and if i go with ryzen i will use the stock cooler
    i wont be able to upgrade for the next 4-5 years and i dont mind lowering the graphics down
    but i will get a 144hz monitor next year , so what is the best choice for me ?
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    awokepogo 1 year ago
    i7-8700 vs i7-8700K
    So, I'm in a dilemma right now. I have a choice of buying the i7-8700 + Gigabyte Z370P D3 or i7-8700K + ASRock Z370 Extreme4 / Gigabyte Z370 AORUS Gaming K3. I'm thinking about possible overlocking in the future, but still not sure about that.
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    vireodrove 1 year ago
    i7 8700 reaching 100c
    hello, i just upgraded my rig from i5 6500 to i7 8700. the cpu is working like normal, but when i stress test the cpu it went to 100c pretty quickly. i thought my cooler (thermaltake contac silent 12) wasn't enough, so i bought a Cryorig H5 (which should be more than enough for cooling an i7 8700). after installation, temp didn't change under load. It's still 100c under load and is throttling. when i touch the cooler, it's not as warm as my old i5 6500 (with the same contac silent 12) i've tried reapplying the thermal paste (mastergel pro) many times, with good coverage, but it didn't improve the temps a bit. Any idea what's wrong?
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    seventeeninternet 1 year ago
    RAM Compatability with Core i7 8700 Coffee Lake
    I am still in the process of selecting parts for the computer I am building, I won't play any games on it but am going to day trade every day. Anyways, I read that most games are able to be played well with only 16 GB of RAM, so I decided to cut down from 32 to 16.

    The question: Under the "specifications" tab for the coffee lake it says "memory: DDR4 2666", does this mean that any ram over 2666 won't be used to its full extent? Also I will have 2 extra memory slots, if I want to insert 2 more RAM cards later that are a different number/speed, will it harm the motherboard or something? Thank you!
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    chapmarried 1 year ago
    MSI Z370 PC Pro + Intel i7-8700
    Greetings, I am going to build my first pc and I have to admit that I'm kinda lost and scared of botching the job.

    For example, do I need to do anything besides correctly connecting the processor and the fan to the motherboard? Would I need to update the bios or tweak something in the Bios menu?

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    raddedollhouse 1 year ago
    What air cooler for i7-7700(k) and i7-8700(k)?
    Hello, as the title says, what cooler should I get for i7-7700(k) or i7-8700(k)?
    I would never overclock, I'll hardcore game on it, sometimes I'll do some photoshoping and video editing but nothing too hard.
    Mainly for gaming, so let's say on 90% usage, I would like to have CPU temperature on ~60(°C).

    I would like when you recommend me a good air cooler, also to tell me if my current motherboard will support it.
    MB: AsRock H110-DVS
    (I know that this motherboard doesn't support coffee lake)
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    snakejax 1 year ago
    Intel I7-8700 vs AMD ryzen 1700X
    Hy guys! Im in a bit of dilemma. Im about to buy a processor, and the two mentioned above are the targets. Which one should i pick? Also, i have an ASUS M5A97 LE R2.0 motherboard. Do i have to upgrade, or i can keep this one?
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    schoolsunkindness 1 year ago
    I7 8700 turbo boost?
    I’m planning on buying a prebuilt pc with the i7 8700 and gtx 1070. But, i heard that theres something wrong with the i7 8700’s turbo boost. Is that true or were people not telling the truth? I really like this pc but if theres something wrong with the I7 8700 i’ll have to look for a new one.
    This is what they said :

    Do NOT get the locked i7. It has a problem (probably intentional) with throttling Turbo Boost, it's slower that the unlocked one, and you'll honestly probably regret not being able to overclock a few years down the line.


    turbo boost is quiet useless according to my experience, there's a reason why i disabled my turbo boost and fixed the clock speed as i got higher points on cinebench and significantly very low stuttering when playing ACO with medium-high settings

    both different users. Is this true or can i just buy the pc without a problem?
    I really want to make sure i get good performance since im gonna be using a 1080p 144hz monitor
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    mourneinvention 1 year ago
    Intel Core i7 8700k or i7 8700
    I know the "k" stands for unlocked, and I don't really plan on overclocking (Maybe I will, although I doubt it a lot). But the i7 8700k has much higher clock speeds and MHz, does it really matter? Will it make a huge difference in gaming and 3D modelling? Also, I plan on getting the Gigabyte Z370 Aorus Gaming 7, wether I overclock or no, I love that board, is it still recommended for the i7 8700?
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    dextrousribbit 1 year ago
    i5-8400 vs 8600 vs i7-8700
    Looking to upgrade from my i5-4590 to a new chip. I currently play on a 1080p 144hz monitor. I don't overclock either. What are your thoughts for a i5-8400, 8600, or i7-8700? My gpu is a GTX 970. I'm holding off on upgrading my gpu. I know I'll need to get a new mobo and ddr4 ram as well with the upgrade. I mostly play FPS games like Escape From Tarkov so I'm sticking to 1080p 144hz. Thanks for reading my life story.
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    scentedmoldwarp 1 year ago
    i5 4570 vs i7 8700
    Need to get some advice. My current build has a i5 4570 and I'm looking to see if it is worth it to upgrade the processor (and motherboard) to a i7 8700. What type of benefits would I see when gaming?

    I'm also waiting around for the Nividia Gtx 1180 and will upgrade to that when in comes out. I'm just a gamer, no video editing.
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    raspdairy 1 year ago
    B360 for i7 8700
    i will buy a new cpu, i7 8700 no k. i don't want to oc so thats why I choose that option. I find two motherboards that I like :

    Gigabyte B360M D3H
    Gigabyte B360-HD3

    Will be one of these good for my i7 8700?¿
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    retractunderwear 1 year ago
    B360 with i7 8700?

    Is a gigabyte B360M DS3H good for i7 8700? I dont plan to oc anything, dont need any specs for additional slots. Just need a good basic mobo that can power this cpu in a stable manner thats all.
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    mourneinvention 1 year ago
    H310M for i7-8700
    I want to build i7-8700 with cheap mobo and i found in my country cheapest mobo that supports 8 gen cpu-s is Gigabyte H310M S2V, ( https://arvutitark.ee/est/tootekataloog/Arvutikomponendid-Emaplaadid-LGA-1151v2-emaplaadid/Gigabyte-H310M-S2V-10-M-B-Processor-family-Intel-Processor-socket-LGA1151-DDR4-DIMM-361771 ).
    Also if that is not very good for cpu clocks or something i could get ASROCK B360M but it is like 12€ expensiver and if there is no diffrence i would take H310M. What do you think?
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    nervousmute 1 year ago
    Cpu cooler for i7 8700
    I will buy a i7 8700 no k and i heard that its cpu cooler is not good so i want to find a nice and cheap cooler for that cpu.

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    crazeduncanny 1 year ago
    i7 8700 turbo boosting?
    I have a i7 8700 and a ASROCK Z370M PRO4 mobo can/should i turbo boost?Idk if task manager is reliable but when i look at my i7 8700 ghz its around 3.38ghz to 4.18ghz and its utilazation is 29% to 41%(right now i have fortnite,chrome and discord running)
    I believe i have sufficient cooling for turbo boosting since i have my cpu being water cooling
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    craftyking 1 year ago
    1050Ti + i7 8700
    I have a gtx 1050Ti 4gb and I'm getting a new pc with an i7 7700. If I keep my old gpu will it be a balanced combo? Or will something be bottlenecked?
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    pedometeraustin 1 year ago
    I7 8700 goes to 100°c
    I bought a new PC yesterday with i7 8700(non OC) along with corsair h60 AIO. when I monitor the temperature using hwmonitor it shows 90°-100°c at 3.2Ghz. Are these temperatures fine?

    My specs:
    CPU: i7 8700
    Mobo : AUROS Z370 GAMING 3
    Aio : corsair h60
    Ram : corsair vengeance 16gb 3000Mhz
    GPU : zotac gtx 1070ti
    Storage : samsung 500gb ssd and 1tb 7200
    PSU : corsair cx650m
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    FALSEfluid 1 year ago
    i7 8700 vs 8600k
    I am thinking of getting a Coffee Lake CPU, disregarding price (however, i dont have enough for the 8700k). Should I get the 8700 or the 8600k and overclock it to 5.0 GHz? Is it a good idea to overclock to 5 GHz, or should i just get the 8700?
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    balearicventricle 1 year ago
    i7 8700 100c on 100% cpu load
    hi. my i7 8700 can get to 90 - 100 deg C when under 100% cpu load. this happens when rendering an image using keyshot. the cpu only get this hot when rendering. under normal load (zbrush, internet, youtube) it can go to about 60 deg C.

    my specs are:
    i7 8700 on stock cooler
    masterbox 5 lite (3 120 fans in front and 1 120 at the back)
    16gb ram
    seasonic focus+ 650W PSU

    what can you suggest to lower the cpu temp, specially when rendering.

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    chapmarried 1 year ago
    Good PSU for I7-8700 and Overclocked 107060
    Hi guys, I'm here for some answers and advices.
    550w or 650w for I7-8700 and Overclocked 107060 (2 ssd, 2 hdd, 3 case fans)? I'm going to use my build for about five years without any upgrades.
    What 80+ Gold PSU can you suggest?

    Right now I'm looking at these ones:
    1) XFX P1-650B (or 550w);
    2) Seasonic Prime 550w;
    3) Corsair RM550x;
    4) Enermax Revolution Xt II 550w (or 650w).
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    lichentwotinos 7 months ago
    Best motherboard for i7 8700
    Which motherboard will be best for i7 8700??

    1) Asus ROG Strix H370-F gaming.
    2) Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Elite.
    or is there any other motherboard which will be best suited for 8700?

    I will be using G.Skills Trident Z RGB 8GBx2 3000MHz

    Thanks in advance.
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    teddymetal 1 year ago
    I7-7700 vs I7-8700 Processors comparison.
    Hello! I just want to know which one is better for both gaming (not 4k gaming) and video editing+rendering.

    - Intel core i7-7700(7th gen, 8mb cache, 3.60ghz up to 4.20 ghz) https://ark.intel.com/products/97128/Intel-Core-i7-7700-Processor-8M-Cache-up-to-4_20-GHz

    - Intel core i7-8700k(8th gen, 12mb cache, 3.70 ghz up to 4.70 ghz)  https://ark.intel.com/products/126684/Intel-Core-i7-8700K-Processor-12M-Cache-up-to-4_70-GHz

    I also wondering that, do I really need 6 cores from i7-8700k for normal gaming and video editing? The i7-7700 is cheaper, but have less core at 4 cores.
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    dextrousribbit 1 year ago
    i7 8700 or i5 8400
    Hey guys,so In 2 weeks im buying a new pc and i cant decide should i take an i7 8700 and gtx 1060 or i5 8400 and gtx 1070
    my main concern is because the i5 has 2.8ghz it will be slower
    thank in advace for answers (sorry if my english isnt great)
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    gackedicing 6 months ago
    i7 8700 running hot
    I have an i7 8700 that idles at about 32C but under load it reaches temps approaching 70C. I am quite concerned. I put on a liquid cooler thinking it would help temps but it had little to no improvement. Does anyone have any ideas or experience with this kind of thing? I try to watch the cpu load and it does not appear that other programs are causing excess usage. Is there anything I can do? If it is relevant I have an RTX 2080 FE and 16GB HyperX Fury DDR4. Any suggestions would be great!!
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    silverhelpless 1 year ago
    Used i7-6700k or i5 8600k/8700 ?
    Its time for me to upgrade. I really believe that given the circumstances, its the best time for me to shelf out some money to improve my pc. Regardless of cost to performance ratio, I think upgrading would justify my future needs as well in the long run.

    My current rig

    i7-3770 (bought this used) upgrade from i5-2400
    Zotac GTX 1070 Amp Extreme
    120GB SSD A-DATA
    2 TB HDD
    8GB RAM
    Silverstone Tundra AIO

    PC usage: Minimal multitasking (non-multi threaded related stuff) and Gaming @1080 and sometimes 4k (TV)

    So far, I am actually happy with my PC. I get good fps and performance on 1080p and the work I do gets done well. On 4k, I am happy with the FPS I get which is from 45-50fps depending on the game.

    The thing is, I was offered an i7-6700k for 7. Which is a good price since its a few bucks more significantly brand new and they don't sell skylake where I am from anymore.

    then again, moving up an generation I'd have to get a new motherboard and RAM. This I am well aware of and which would cost me a lot of money. Money I am willing so spend as long as I know which combo is the most "worth it" for what's its worth.

    would it just be better to invest on an i5 8600k?
    or just forget overclocking and settle for an i7-8700?

    will I really get more out of my CPU if I overclock it?

    Thank you.
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    kittzero 11 months ago
    1050ti + i7-8700
    When doing any gaming I have an intermittent, random stutter accompanied with a "brrrrtt" sound. When gaming (anything from Starcraft 2 to Fallout 4) it always corresponds with drop in FPS.

    I tried the following with no results:
    Change vertical sync setting to "Adaptive"
    Turn off all power-saving modes from CPU and GPU settings and prefer high performance.
    Problem seems to be just as bad regardless of graphics settings in Fallout 4 - Low or High same problem. It's annoying the bejesus out of me - just got this computer.

    Dell XPS 8th gen desktop tower (Was refurb from microcenter- I know I know bad idea)
    Windows 10
    GTX 1050 ti
    16GB 2666 MHz RAM

    My CPU is way more powerful than my GPU but that wouldn't cause any problems with getting the most out of my 1050 ti, would it?

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    uprightlength 1 year ago
    ryzen 2700x or i7 8700
    im upgrading my cpu, but idk if i sould go for ryzen 2700x(using b350) or i7 8700(using b360)...in amazon i7 8700 is going for 273+ 30(cooler): 300$ and ryzen 2700x with stock cooler is going for 330$.. i dont want to overclock and i will mostly gaming. btw my gpu is a 960 but im planning to buy a 1160 when its released. what should i buy ?
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    effectivetelling 1 year ago
    i7 8700 + B360M?
    Hi, I'm going to buy an Intel i7 8700 and I am between two motherboards: Gigabyte z370 hd3 (u$d 158) or Gigabyte B360M Aorus Gaming 3 (u$d 110). The price difference is not too much, but I read about some power limitations in the B360M with high-end processors. Is it worth? I'm not going to overclock but I prefer a high-end mobo for a high-end cpu.

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    lichentwotinos 1 year ago
    i7 8700(NON K) temperature question
    I've been looking at some PCs the last few days for a future build.
    But I'm currently stuck between an i5 8400 and i7 8700(non k)

    I've kinda already planned on using the 8400, but the 8700 is a bit tempting with the HT, and from what I've read about the i5, it won't bottleneck a GTX 1080. Only in games like Battlefield 1, but I'm not even going to play that.

    My question is: How does the 8700 handle volts and heat?
    I've been researching, and from what I'm reading, it can use up to 1.4V (Something like that) automatically and be about 90C while playing games. And that scares me.
    I'll be using: Be quiet! Pure Rock, for my build.
    And the motherboard is going to be an Asus TUF Z370-plus gaming

    So if anyone who has an i7 8700(non k) is reading this, please share your experience, temps, cooler etc.
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