i5-8600K vs i7-8086K - Assassin's Creed Odyssey GTX 1080 - Game Performance Benchmarks

i5-8600K i7-8086K

Multi-Thread Performance

12811 Pts
16828 Pts

Single-Thread Performance

2520 Pts
2843 Pts

Assassin's Creed Odyssey

i5-8600K vs i7-8086K in Assassin's Creed Odyssey using GTX 1080 - CPU Performance comparison at Ultra, High, Medium, and Low Quality Settings with 1080p, 1440p, 4K resolutions

i5-8600K i7-8086K

Ultra Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
64.8 FPS
67.4 FPS
45.5 FPS
46.2 FPS
32.0 FPS
32.6 FPS
High Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
99.8 FPS
102.4 FPS
64.5 FPS
65.2 FPS
41.0 FPS
41.6 FPS
Medium Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
120.8 FPS
123.4 FPS
91.5 FPS
92.2 FPS
57.0 FPS
57.6 FPS
Low Quality
Resolution Frames Per Second
166.8 FPS
169.4 FPS
150.5 FPS
151.2 FPS
103.0 FPS
103.6 FPS
    • The i7-8086K has higher Level 3 Cache. This is useful when you have substantial multiprocessing workloads, many computationally intense simultaneous processes. More likely on a server, less on a personally used computer for interactive desktop workloads.
    • The i7-8086K has more threads. Larger programs are divided into threads (small sections) so that the processor can execute them simultaneously to get faster execution.
    • For some games, a cpu with a higher clock speed, or in a technical name IPC (Instructions per clock), has better results than other CPU's with higher core count and lower core speed.
    • The i7-8086K has a higher turbo clock boost. Turbo Boost is a CPU feature that will run CPU clock speed faster than its base clock, if certain conditions are present. It will enable older software that runs on fewer cores, to perform better on newer hardware. Since games are software too, it is also applicable to them.

    Compare i5-8600K vs i7-8086K specifications

    i5-8600K vs i7-8086K Architecture

    i5-8600K i7-8086K
    CodenameCoffee LakeCoffee Lake
    GenerationCore i5 (Coffee Lake)Core i7 40th (Coffee Lake)
    Memory SupportDDR4DDR4
    Production StatusActiveActive
    ReleasedOct 2017Jun 2018

    i5-8600K vs i7-8086K Cache

    i5-8600K i7-8086K
    Cache L164K (per core)64K (per core)
    Cache L2256K (per core)256K (per core)
    Cache L39MB (shared)12MB (shared)

    i5-8600K vs i7-8086K Cores

    i5-8600K i7-8086K
    # of Cores66
    # of Threads612
    Integrated GraphicsN/AUHD Graphics 630
    SMP # CPUs11

    i5-8600K vs i7-8086K Features

    i5-8600K i7-8086K

    i5-8600K vs i7-8086K Notes

    i5-8600K i7-8086K
    This processor comes with an unlocked BCLK multiplier, allowing users to set the multiplier value higher than shipped value, to facilitate better overclocking.This processor comes with an unlocked BCLK multiplier, allowing users to set the multiplier value higher than shipped value, to facilitate better overclocking.

    i5-8600K vs i7-8086K Performance

    i5-8600K i7-8086K
    Base Clock100 MHz100 MHz
    Frequency3.6 GHz4 GHz
    Multiplier UnlockedYesYes
    TDP95 W95 W
    Turbo Clockup to 4.3 GHzup to 5 GHz

    i5-8600K vs i7-8086K Physical

    i5-8600K i7-8086K
    Die Sizeunknownunknown
    Process Size14 nm14 nm
    SocketIntel Socket 1151Intel Socket 1151

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    awedcuddly 9 months ago
    i7 7700k vs i5 8600k
    I'm purely looking for an upgrade in CPU terms for gaming. I've seen a lot of benchmarks and talk around about these 2 CPUs.

    I'm pairing it with a 1080, and 16gb of RAM. Just wanted some opinions on which of these would be better at this stage for pushing the highest FPS and which would purely be the better option going into the future.

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    potsubway 9 months ago
    The 8600K hands down...It is a tremendous CPU that also overclocks extremely well and is right up there with the best gaming CPU's. It is also 8th gen versus 7th gen with 6 proper cores...It will also drive the 1080 and more importantly, with a Z370 motherboard will allow for a future expansion to the 9th Gen Intel CPU's in the 9800 and 9900K which are coming out soon and will work on the Z370 motherboard.
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    begottrickle 10 months ago
    i5 8600k or i7 8700 (non k)
    Quick question what makes most sense to upgrade to a i5 8600k or i7 8700?

    I have a gtx 1080 i should be able to oc to around 1900mhz atm 1700mhz but i only have an i5 8400 and was wondering what the best upgrade is, an i5 8600k i would oc to around 70-75 c and still have my scythe mugen 5 be silent or a stock i7 8700 i know just because of the additional threads get's alot hotter compared to an equal fast,oc'ed i5

    My i5 8400 goes up to 60 c in prime95 small fft, i have an 2560x1440 144hz/165hz monitor so max performance is something i wouldn't mind having.

    When im taking test like on game debat to se my performance score my cpu often score lower compared to the recomendation needed in 2560x1440
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    monsoonquirk 10 months ago
    I run my 8600k at 5.0ghz 24/7. I probably get 15 to 20 fps more then I would at stock. I have a 2560x1080 144hz LG monitor. I get good framerates even though I am only rocking a gtx 1070. I personally think you will be very happy with the i5 8600k
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    potsubway 1 year ago
    i5 8400 vs i5 8600k
    Does the Base clock really matter.?

    i5 8400(2.8Ghz) vs i5 8600k(3.6Ghz)

    Because the Turbo clock frequency is almost near 8400(4Ghz) and 8600K(4.3Ghz).

    Dose the Base Clock difference of 1Ghz really matters.?
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    subduedicecream 1 year ago
    I guess what this really hinges on is whether or not you want to overclock. The base clocks don't really matter because they turbo to whatever the turbo speed is anyway when doing work. When looking at the turbo speeds there is a 300MHz difference between the 2 processors. That's not very significant so the 2 should perform similarly in games. It's only when you start to overclock the 8600K that the 2 processors start to really differ from each other. Really when overclocked the Core i5 8600K shouldn't be much different than the Core i7 8700K in gaming.

    If it were me and I wanted to save some money I'd go ahead and get the Core i5 8400. If money was no object well then I wouldn't even consider the 8600K. I'd go ahead and get the 8700K. The 8600K should only be considered if you plan to overclock and can't afford the 8700K. The thing is... I can't decide for you. You have to make the decision but hopefully I have given you enough information to make it.
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    prudishlydrizzly 1 year ago
    Best but cheapest z370 Motherboard for i5 8600k
    Which is the cheapest but best z370 motherboard which is able to overclock to 5GHz with the i5 8600K? The brands have to be ASUS, Gigabyte or MSI. I have the ASUS Prime z370-A picked out but wanting something cheaper as I have already gone over my budget. I will be playing games like Fortnite, PUGB (Not sure what other games yet).

    Edit: Oh I can also get a Asrock motherboard, if that helps
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    crumpetenclose 1 year ago
    i5-8600k normal temp?
    So I recently have my i5-8600k (specifically built it by my own) and I was just wondering, what is the normal temperature for an i5-8600k? Mine would reach 22C to 32C without any active applications running in the background and 45C to 55C with Chrome, et cetera, then 55C to 105C by playing games. Is this normal?

    If not, what is the best CPU Cooler for an i5-8600k? Thanks!
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    shrinksurgeon 1 year ago
    I7 8700k or i5 8600k for gaming
    Hi, it's my first time building a pc so I have very little knowledge about processors.
    Both the i7 8700k and i5 8600k have similar single core and quad core performance according to user benchmark, I have heard that most games don't use more than 4 cores.
    So I'll be playing in a 1440p 144hz IPS g-sync monitor with GTX 1080 and mostly games like counter strike,pubg and fortnite
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    sputterequilibrium 1 year ago
    i5-8600K setup question
    Hello everyone,

    As many gamers can confirm: there comes a point in life when you have to upgrade some things on your computer.

    My current setup:

    MOBO: MSI Gaming 5 z97
    CPU: Intel i5-4460
    GPU: MSI gtx1070 gaming X 8GB
    RAM: Corsaire Vengeance 4x 4GB 1600mhz
    PSU: Corsaire 650W
    Standard processor cooler
    3x case fans

    I feel like my CPU is bottlenecking my GTX1070. Due to aging, or al along. I don't know. Anyway, i was thinking about changing it and getting myself the i5-8600K.

    Now, with this new cpu comes a new MOBO. I did my research and some say the ASUS prime z370 or Asus ROG Strix z 370E will do, others say that the ASRock - z370 extreme4 motherboard is a better pick.

    Question 1: what is the best MOBO for the i5-8600K?

    Second, i heard things about the 8600K 'performing' better with RAM that has high clockspeed, or at least higher than my current 1600mhz. Advice i read was picking the Corsair - Vengeance LED 16GB (2 x 8GB) DDR4-3000 Memory.

    Question 2: is this necessary for gaming? If yes, which RAM should i buy?

    Question 3: i'm a proud owner of a BenQ XL2411Z, a 144hz screen. Will i maintain 144+ fps on, let's say for instance, Fortnite with these new components?

    Side notes:
    1) the rig (except for the gtx1070) is approximatly 4 years old.
    2) if i do not maintain 144+ fps with the standard, i will overclock.
    3) this rig is for gaming, not video editing or whatsoever.
    4)No budget involved.

    Thanks everyone for reading and i look forward to your advice!
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    cloodcraniac 1 year ago
    Ryzen 5 2600X vs. i5 8600K
    Hi guys,

    I am stuck with choosing a proper processor for my new PC. I found lots of compares of these CPUs but all of them are about games.
    I just need to build a PC for comfortable work with graphics (Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, etc.), web development and music (Ableton Live, Cubase, FL Studio, Kontakt, etc.). I understand that these CPUs are very similar, but gaming is not my priority (I also don't have a good GPU now). I need a good PC for near 3-5 years. Now I go with 16 GB RAM but will buy another 16 in near months.

    What CPU is better for professional software and what do you think about Intel's low-quality thermal interface?

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    rubbishlibrary 1 year ago
    2600k upadgree to i5 8600k
    hello I wanted to ask the following I have a 2600k CPU without being able to do it OC ... it is worth the update to an i5 8600k .. what it means to spend on new parts (RAM.CPU, MB) .. I will only use it to play

    the motherboard ASUS P8Z77 V when press suppress the screen remains stuck in black without being able to enter the BIOS and do OC
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    agreecost 1 year ago
    i5 8600k overclock
    Hey guys pretty new to all this, but I've followed a few guides on over clocking, followed this one exactly https://youtu.be/EQ15NW1qaxs but I bumped it down to 4.8 and even with the negative offset of 3 I still ran into temps in the high 80s on prime95. i then ran a default run on the blend test and it spiked to 76c. my question is should it be getting that hot on stock setting, or am I lacking the hardware to push my cpu? All im going to be doing on this machine is gaming so I know prime95 is pretty harsh, i just dont want to push my hardware to far. Any help would be appreciated like I said, new to all of this.

    hyper 212 evo
    asus strix z370-e
    16 gb ripjaws v series
    970 evo m.2 ssd
    gtx 1080 rog strix
    nzxt s340 elite
    corsaire csm 650w 80+ gold
    thanks guys
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    tactiletheme 1 year ago
    i5 8600k or ryzen 7 2700x
    Hello I decide to build my new pc and I cant decide what cpu I will want ryzen 7 2700x or i5 8600k?
    In my pc I will playing games (pubg,fortnite, the crew etc) and maybe I will streaming and little photo editing
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    immatureminds 1 year ago
    r5 2600 vs i5 8600k
    at 4k gaming which processor would give me higher frame rates? ryzen 5 2600(non-x)or i5 8600k??
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    venussardine 1 year ago
    i5 8600k vs. i7 7700k gaming & streaming
    For build a PC with an approximate budget of 00, should I go for a better and more expensive CPU: Core i7 7700k, or the less expensive i5 8600k? Gaming is not the issue, where I will be purchasing a GTX 1050 TI 3gb (or maybe 6gb) GPU. My main concern is: will it have the capability to stream/record at 1080p 60fps?
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    snakejax 1 year ago
    i5 8400 v i5 8600k for gaming/ streaming
    I am aware that the i5 8600k is the better, but expensive option. But is the difference in performance so durastic compared to the i5 8400?

    I will be pairing either one with a gtx 1060. Gaming is obviously the main aim here, and after seeing some benchmark videos on YouTube I can see that the 8400 can run games such as pubg and gta5 over 80fps paired with the correct ram. But my worry is streaming.. the base clock of the 8400 (2.8GHz) scares me a little compared to the 3.6GHz of the 8600k. I’m not interested to overclock due to there being already a slight bottle neck with the 1060/ 8600k without overclock. But should I be worried of the low base speed of the 8400 when it comes to streaming? It also has turbo of 4GHz. Will it manage to stream games such as pubg and fortnite without any hitches or problems?

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    dimmerhamilton 1 year ago
    i5 8600k 3.6GHz vs i7 7700k 4.2GHz
    Hello Everyone i want to buy a new CPU (i5 8600k 3.6GHz or i7 7700k 4.2GHz)
    My current PC is:

    Msi h110m pro-vh plus (Not Overclockable)
    i5 7400 3.00GHz,
    GTX 1060 3GB,
    8GB RAM DDR4 2133MHz,
    SSD 120GB + 1TB HDD,
    350W PSU.

    i want to upgrade my CPU because i'm facing some issues in Recording and Streaming and fps drops in some games like CS:GO (because it is a CPU game).
    I was planing to Buy the (i5 8600k) but i heared that the (i5 8600k) doesn't support 2133MHz RAM
    and i cannot upgrade the RAM speed becuase the motherboard supports only 2133MHz.
    i want to know if i can use the i5 8600k and if yes is it good as i7 7700k in Recording and Streaming? because it is very good for gaming and cheapper ofcource (~70$).

    if i bought one of these 2 CPU's without overclocking them which one would be better for gaming? i saw on Youtube the i5 8600k (overclocked) has a higher fps than the i7 7700k (overclocked) in some games, Do they have the same performance without overclocking? and which one is better for Recording and Streaming?

    my last Quistion is if i5 8600k is really doesn't support 2133 RAM can you suggest a cheapper CPU than the i7 7700k .. THANKS
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    periodiccholly 1 year ago
    i5 8400 gtx 1060 3gb or i5 8600k gtx 1050ti
    I'm going to build my first pc and I was wondering which setup would perform better?

    I would use my PC for gaming, video editing etc. I don't care about rendering times so, which build would perform better in games?

    And please don't suggest me Ryzen.
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    pedometeraustin 1 year ago
    i7 8700k vs i5 8600k
    so i am purchasing my new pc part for part (yes i know, i picked a wrong time to buy one part for part) and i have every single part i need besides the gpu and cpu. i was originally going to go for the i5 8600k because it is 0 less than the 8700k and has very little decrease in performance. but now that i'm almost done with the build, i'm not sure if i should stick with the 8600k or just say whatever and buy the 8700k for 0 more. is the 0 worth the extra 6 threads and little increase in performance? you guys are my budgeters now, all trust in you.
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    eraseavoid 1 year ago
    Did i just fry my i5 8600k ??? HELP HELP
    I opened my new rig i5 8600k z370 hd3 to install fans to the case. My pc wont turn on.. it just keeps shuting down and i get a red led for cpu on motherboard.
    I probably did many mistakes and they are:
    I removed cooler and heatsink and turned on my pc to check if fans are working. I had to remove it to install fans. It could not turn on logically.
    I strached atop of the cpu with screwdriver.
    I installed a cooler and started a pc but same problem was there.. though my thermal paste was gone.
    It cant start now.
    Is it because of thermal paste?
    Does this cpu and motherboard have protection?
    Did i fry something?
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    sheepmashing 1 year ago
    I5 8400 & I5 8600k
    Which one would be better for gaming on a budget. I will probably try to stream ([email protected] & [email protected] 60fps) and video edit time to time as a HOBBY. I was thinking of getting the 8400 and if streaming&editing is a success in financial meaning I upgrade to I7 8700k instead. Correct me if my plan is flawed. Also I have a GTX 760 which I'd want to upgrade soon too.
    I mainly play:
    Rainbow 6
    GTA V
    ARMA 3
    etc. AAA games that i can't remember right now.
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    billfemur 1 year ago
    i5 8600k Overclocking Questions
    i5 8600k
    gigabyte z370m ds3h
    EVGA 500 W
    16 GB

    Hi, so I have a few questions regarding reaching a stable overclock. Currently I have 1.39 V @ 4.8 GHz. The system does not freeze at all during any tasks, and I'm reaching a max temp of 70 C.

    The only issue I have is that when I run stability tests like Prime 95 and OCCT I get errors running those tests. I dont get any system freezes, but I get issues like "workers stopped" in Prime 95. In other tests like intel overclocking utility I pass it perfectly. Its just those two that are causing issues.

    Something I suspect is the voltage as I do not have any Vcore LLC set. I would add it if I could but my motherboard won't bring up any options to change it. It seems to be permanently set to Auto. I can type something in place of auto, however when I press enter it reverts back to auto.

    So the main summary to get from all of this is that I have a overclock that seems to work perfectly (no system crashes at all). Its just the Prime 95 and OCCT tests do not complete. My question is if anyone has experience with this particular motherboard and would be able to tell me how to enable Vcore LLC.
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    pulsestreese 1 year ago
    i5 8600k Performance
    Hey guys im buying some new parts for my pc (RAM,CPU and a new mobo) and i was wondering if the gtx 950 and i5 8600k with 16gb ram will be good enough to run most modern titles like pubg,fortntie etc. Thanks
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    luggmagnitude 1 year ago
    I5 8600k + GTX 1060 or Ryzen 5 2600 + GTX 1070
    I want to build a pc mainly for gaming. I also wish to stream. My budged is limited so i can only afford i5 8600k + GTX 1060 or Ryzen 5 2600 + GTX 1070. I know i5 8600k is beast and Ryzen 5 cannot beat it but if we add 1070 i'am not sure which one is better for gaming.. Thank you!
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    silverbasil 1 year ago
    i5-8600 vs i5-8600k
    Wanted to know if it's worthwhile buying the 8600k over the 8600.
    Also note that the price difference between the two is 15€, I'm not planning on overclocking anything and that it'll be paired with a GTX 1060.
    Thanks in advance.
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    sputterequilibrium 1 year ago
    i5 8600k or i7 8700k worth?
    Sup, so im a person who doesn't stream but wants to play games at good settings, my current pc is outdated so im getting a new computer because of this, however for a guy who doesn't stream but wants to play games at high settings do i really need the 8700k or should i get the i5 8600k which is a lot cheaper?
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    sputterequilibrium 11 months ago
    I5 8600k overheating
    I am very frustrated and would appreciate some help. I have a i5 8600k with a corsair h60 liquid cooler. My CPU is only about 3 weeks old and is now idling at 65+ degrees celcius and I dont know why. I have reapplied thermal paste and nothing changed. I am wondering if it's the CPU that is faulty or the cooler Corsair h60. I am new to pc and would appreciate any advice. Thanks
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    lyricsdata 1 year ago
    i5 8600k & 1080ti or i7 8700k & 1080
    hello guys i am so confused, i know there are lots of threads regarding this but i need some answers for experts.

    my old pc is dead so i am upgrading to new one. i use my pc for gaming. no streaming/rendering videos

    what should i go for i5 8600k @ 1080ti or i7 with 1080

    now i have a 1080p monitor but i am looking to upgrade to 4k 60fps or 2k 144fps in a year or so

    i need to make a decision because i wont be able to change the process or GPU for next 2 - 3 years.

    8600k will bottleneck 1080ti? or its better to stick with i7 and 1080.which has better value
    suggestions are appreciated. thank you
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    halldomino 1 year ago
    How to overclock my i5 8600k
    Hey dudes,

    I've recently bought a new rig, quite the upgrade considering my last rig was from 2010, anyway.

    I chose the i5 8600k paired with an NZXT Kraken x62 cooler and an MSI Z370 SLI Plus mobo.
    Since it's been a while since I've been in the tech market I don't know the limits of this chip, but I'm pretty sure it would be a waste if I don't overclock at least a bit.
    I plan on using this build for mostly gaming as well as browsing. Huge Planetside 2 fan so the CPU is sure to get a bang for it's buck.

    What I'm asking is if any of you guys know what are the most stable settings for clocking this chip (despite the variables).
    ALSO does overclocking mean I perma stay at that clock speed? I wouldn't want to stay at lets say 5Ghz all the time hitting over 60 degrees doing low key desktop work. And if that's the case is there a way to overclock only my turbo boost clock speed?

    Sorry for some of the obviously stupid questions, which I'll come to realize later on.

    Thanks in advance guys.
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    rematchplug 1 year ago
    i5 8600k voltage
    I know there's tons of threads about this but there are mixed answers, and my case might be different.

    I have an i5 8600k, watercooled with a custom loop, 360mm rad.

    Now this cpu is very famous for hitting 5ghz without adding too much voltage. But mine just seems to have core 5 weaker than the others. It's the first to go in prime95, and usually the only.

    I was able to reach stable on all cores at 1.45v, my temps are in the 40s, and spikes to 60 for a second at most.

    I pulled back to 1.4, it manages to live through games no problem, only 1 core fails in torture.

    Also I didn't try anything between 1.4 and 1.45, I should've done smaller increments, but I got impatient as I was running out of time at 2am

    Also I can reach 4.85 just by using the mobo's "ez OC", it being the asrock extreme 4 z370

    Oh and the reasons I need 5ghz is running PUBG which tortures cpu as much as prime95, somehow. It does relief me from stuttering at that frequency.

    A bit more info, in cpu-z, when I run torture test, the voltage drops from the set voltage by about .14, and just stays there. I know about Vdrop and LLC, but shouldn't it drop then come back up? could it be the PSU? It's a thermaltake smart SE 730W. I'm aware thermaltake aren't the best, but that's what's available here.

    What do you guys think? If it can live at 1.45v for 5 years, I wouldn't mind at all. I usually swap cpus at 4 years max.

    But I keep reading 1.4v is the max you should put in. Or is it the max without adequate cooling, where I have no problems.
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    jetskitubeless 1 year ago
    i5 8600k and gtx 1080ti sli?
    Would be i5 8600k works good with two gtx 1080 ti? I searching the internet, but I can't find the anwser.
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    giantenvoy 1 year ago
    I5 8600k or I7 7700k

    Since my Prime z270-A broken, the store replaced it with a ROG STRIX z370-G. I was told my I7 7700k would work fine with the z370 chipset.
    Here in Denmark, I can sell the I7 7700k for almost the same price as a new I5 8600k.

    My question is, would it be a downgrade in performance to sell my I7 7700k and buy an I5 8600k?
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    luggmagnitude 1 year ago
    best motherboard to overclock my i5 8600k
    should be around 120 or 130 and also can you include a good cooler so that I can do this
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    cowsstar 1 year ago
    I5 8600k Overclocking Help
    Hello there. I have recently overclocked my Intel I5 8600k to 4.8 GHZ with 1.35 volts. I tried to overclock my cpu to 4.9 GHZ but my system crashes during a cpu stress test. I want to increase my voltage to get my overclock to 5.0 GHZ. But when I increase my voltage to higher than 1.35 volts, the numbers go from white to red in the BIOS. Is that normal? I have an MSI Z370 Gaming Carbon motherboard and Corsair TX550M PSU. Thank you.
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    ivanhoebrewery 1 year ago
    i5 8600k Question
    I have a question about the i5 8600k, I was going to get an i7 8700k, because I thought more threads would help with light streaming and video editing whilst gaming, but from reading through forums and reddit posts, I see a lot of people recommending the 8600k instead of the 8700k. My question is would I still get good streaming quality with the 8600k (Will be overclocking to around 4.8 Ghz) for £110 less than the 8700k?
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    outercompleted 1 year ago
    Ryzen 5 1600 or Intel i5 8600K?
    Hi, I am on a $AU2500 budget (Around 00 US) and I am currently stuck on what processor I should get. As far as I can see intel stops right below my budget, while r5 1600 gives me a $AU130 headroom (or if I drop down the cooler, $AU200). I plan to pair either with a gtx 1080 at 1080p144hz (I know its a bit overkill, but its nice to have that availability) and I will record and stream a fair bit. I know i5 does better, but people are also telling me ryzen is more future proof with the threads and is a lot cheaper. I'm pretty sure they are even closer after the meltdown/spectre patch too so I really can't decide. Which should I pick? I am asking this now too because I increased my budget which puts intel into the picture.

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    vireodrove 6 months ago
    Does the intel I5 8600k stream and game well?
    I currently have an
    CPU: Intel i5 8600k
    GPU: Zotac 1060 6Gb
    Motherboard: ASUS ROG Strix Z370-H

    I had a 1050 ti and when i would stream it would run perfectly fine with minimal game lag. Now with the 1060 6gb every time i stream it slows my game down dramatically and my stream suffers frame drops. i've clean installed my GPU messed with my bitrate and nothing works. Any ideas?
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    conclusiongigabyte 7 months ago
    i5 8600k 5ghz overclocking help
    Ive had this cpu for a long time, decided to start overclocking it, got it stable (in terms of crashing) but for the life of me i cant figure out why or where its throttling itself, im running prime95 blend stress test it sits at 5ghz for a bit 1-2mins then starts to slowly throttle itself all the way to 4ghz then goes back up to ~4.5gz (jumping between that an 4ghz) the longer the test goes, cpu temps on 100% load are high 50s to mid 60s i have a h100i heatsink, and ive tried upping the voltage to 1.350v but doesnt sit there for long, currently still running and with cpuz its telling me my cpu voltage is 1.112 im running a mis z370 a pro motherboard
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    luggmagnitude 1 year ago
    i5-8600K Overclock help
    I just got an i5-8600K with a Gigabyte z370XP SLI MB and I'm trying to overclock it. I've followed the steps here: https://overclocking.guide/gigabyte-z370-overclocking-coffee-lake/ just with a lower clock speed. The BIOS says that it is at 4.2ghz but once I log in it maxes at 3.6, CPU-Z says its 8-42 but stays at 36 under a load. I've never Overclocked before, so I'm not going for an insane number, just something a bit better.
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    thankchase 1 year ago
    i7 7700 vs i5 8600k?
    Yeah. So I’ve been asking in many, many differences forums. And the most I got was “more cores = better”, yet the 8600k has a lower base frequency than the 7700k, even when overclocked.

    So could someone explain this to me please? I’m quite confused with CPU’s and cores vs frequency.

    EDIT: lol, I’m also currently running a Q6600, so anything will be a major upgrade haha
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    coffeediscover 1 year ago
    i5 8600k vs i7 8700k
    I'm planning to build a z370 chipset system.

    Gigabyte Aorus gaming 7
    i5 8600k or i7 8700k ( Still haven't decided on which one to get)
    g skill 16 gb ddr4 2400
    evga GeForce 1080 ftw

    Which cpu should I consider for gaming? If I overclock i5 won't that give me the performance just as good as i7?
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    acutenesspace 1 year ago
    Used i7-6700k or i5 8600k/8700 ?
    Its time for me to upgrade. I really believe that given the circumstances, its the best time for me to shelf out some money to improve my pc. Regardless of cost to performance ratio, I think upgrading would justify my future needs as well in the long run.

    My current rig

    i7-3770 (bought this used) upgrade from i5-2400
    Zotac GTX 1070 Amp Extreme
    120GB SSD A-DATA
    2 TB HDD
    8GB RAM
    Silverstone Tundra AIO

    PC usage: Minimal multitasking (non-multi threaded related stuff) and Gaming @1080 and sometimes 4k (TV)

    So far, I am actually happy with my PC. I get good fps and performance on 1080p and the work I do gets done well. On 4k, I am happy with the FPS I get which is from 45-50fps depending on the game.

    The thing is, I was offered an i7-6700k for 7. Which is a good price since its a few bucks more significantly brand new and they don't sell skylake where I am from anymore.

    then again, moving up an generation I'd have to get a new motherboard and RAM. This I am well aware of and which would cost me a lot of money. Money I am willing so spend as long as I know which combo is the most "worth it" for what's its worth.

    would it just be better to invest on an i5 8600k?
    or just forget overclocking and settle for an i7-8700?

    will I really get more out of my CPU if I overclock it?

    Thank you.
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    fridaytribune 1 year ago
    I5 8600k + GTX 1070 bottleneck?
    Is there bottleneck between these 2?
    How many watts of psu should I buy?
    6hrs a day at the weekend and 3hrs a day on work days
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    unsubtlerapadash 10 months ago
    I5 8600k supporting ram
    Hello sir
    Planning to build a pc with 8600k. Can i use a ddr4 3000mhz ram.

    As in intel website specification says "memory type DDR4 - 2666"

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    ouncesubpanel 11 months ago
    I5 8600k vs i7 4790??
    Hello I currently have a i7 4790 cpu however I’m looking to upgrade to a I5 8600k so my first question is what processor is better and what is the main difference between them???
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    effectivetelling 1 year ago
    what you think: i5 8600k + gtx 1060 6gb aorus
    Here is the full wishlist: https://www.pcgarage.ro/vizualizare-wishlist/3252204/
    How much fps do u you think I will get in PUBG, very high settings? I've seen some videos on YT and I saw that some dude could get 45-60 fps on ultra settings. Do you think that thing is real? I also wanna say that I've got a 60hz monitor.
    Any suggestions are welcome.
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    memberssporty 1 year ago
    i5 8600k or Ryzen 2600x

    I've had my PC for 8 years or maybe a year longer. It really served me well I was satisfied with it till now hehe (can't play newer games anymore), time to upgrade.
    When GTA 5 came out I was sure I won't be able to play it but it turns out my PC still has what it takes, barely.

    So this is what I'm coming from:
    Intel Core 2 Duo E7400
    8GB of RAM DDR3
    GIGABYTE GeForce 9600 GT NX96T1GHP

    So in the past couple of days I've been looking at these two processors (8600k and 2600x) and can't decide which one will last me longer. I want my new PC to last me like this one did.

    I'm not any kind of gamer like you already see.
    I mostly play GTA, HITMAN, COD, NBA, FIFA, MAFIA.

    Talking about MAFIA 3, I've noticed AMD CPU min. requirement spec are higher then Intels. (8 core 4GHz over Intels 4 core 3.7GHz) why is that?

    I'm leaning to AMD's Ryzen 2600x CPU mostly because more threads and hyperthreading, believing in the future, games will need it more and more (so gonna last me longer before another PC upgrade). But that mafia min. requirement, that I've mentioned, got me in doubt.

    When I upgrade my PC I don't wanna find myself thinking of upgrading it again anytime soon.

    I've never had AMD CPU so I'm little skeptical about it. Intel have been dominating CPU market for a long time but lately there's alot of talk going on about new Ryzen CPUs.

    Any kind of help is appreciated.
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    effortcreamy 1 year ago
    Ryzen 2600x vs I5 8600k
    I am building a PC with GTX 1060 6gb, 16GB Ram 3200mhz , m.2 ssd, nzxt kraken. Which CPU should i select 8600k or 2600x, actually i will be gaming on that PC and stream and record very rarely (once or twice a week). I will be overclocking them, I know FPS is higher in 8600k, instead of ryzen. I can't afford 2nd PC for streaming. I think 8600k would be better as there will be more frames.

    Please give your oppinions. Or should i go with my choice
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    barbonboxy 1 year ago
    i5 8600k or Ryzen 2600x, need to decide fast
    Hello all. I'm coming to the US in a few days to spend a week and along with it upgrade my age old PC. I was decided to go for an i5 8600k to pair with my GTX 1070 but then I saw Ryzen 2 is gonna launch almost by the time I'm there.

    I know there are no public tests or reviews of it but does anybody has an idea of how the 2600x is gonna perform? Do I stick with the 8600k? I mainly use my PC for gaming, sometimes in my 4k tv.
    Need to decide FAST so I can preorder.
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