What is the acceptable FPS speed for me?

For some games, you can still enjoy great garphics at lower frame rates.

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What is the acceptable FPS speed for me?

Are you confused as to what is an acceptable FPS rate for playing games? Then this article is going to help you increase your knowledge! It will give you a complete list of elements, that can affect your Frames Per Second speed. Moreover, after reading the write-up you will be able to make a sound choice, without adding to your expenses unnecessarily.

Factors to consider while deciding the acceptable FPS

The type of game

Before you can actually make a decision regarding your FPS speed, there are numerous factors to consider. One of them is the type of game you are thinking of playing. Every game is developed to work on a certain configuration. Thus, you need to cross check this beforehand.

The pace of the game

The pace or speed of the game can also be a point of reference while deciding the acceptable FPS. The faster the game is the higher Frames Per Second rate you would require. It is important, so that, you can keep up with the speed aspect of the playing experience.

The refresh rate of the monitor

The last factor to consider, in this case, is the specification of your monitor. In other words, the refresh rate of your monitor will have a direct connection, with the acceptable FPS speed. For example, a 60Hz monitor will only return 60 images per second. Whereas, a 120Hz monitor can return 120 pictures every second. So, even if you have the best CPU model, it may not work!

Things that affect the FPS rate

System Hardware

If you are playing a fast pace game using an obsolete CPU, then it can affect your FPS rate. Hence, the specification of your hardware is as crucial as the GPU.

Graphics and Resolution

Whenever you opt for a configuration that focuses more on a high resolution. The FPS rate automatically drops. It is because your resources are being utilized to facilitate the high visual quality requirement.

Code optimization and development

With each passing year, the development and optimization process of games is changing. That is why, if you try to play an old game on your current generation PC, you might not enjoy a higher Frame Per Second rate.

The importance of consistent FPS

To avoid high fluctuation

Almost every gaming enthusiast, will recommend that a constant FPS is better than a fluctuating one. It is because, this will allow you to deal with sudden drops in the speed, that can create a problem while playing games. For this, one should prefer a constant speed of 30 FPS, rather than a fluctuating 50-60 FPS.

To deal with a situation-based drop

Many of you may have noticed, location or situation based drops in the FPS. In other words, whenever you look in a particular direction or go through a similar situation, there is a sudden drop in the speed of the game. This can also be reduced by ensuring that you have a constant FPS.

The ideal FPS speed for games

Racing Games

If you love playing racing games, then the acceptable speed for you can be around 30 FPS. This can be achieved easily by using mainstream hardware and graphics card.

For first-person shooters

In case of a multiplayer game, the acceptable FPS would be around 60 Frames Per Second. Whereas, the same for a single player game can be around 50 FPS.

For third person games

To enjoy a third person game in its full capacity, you can consider opting for settings that give you a 45 FPS speed. Overall, the one thing that players can gauge at the end of this write-up, is that they do not need to invest in top-of-the-line systems or softwares, to enjoy a game fully!

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