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GPUCheck.com is a comprehensive database of benchmarks for many graphics cards on the market that provides what other comparison websites lack. Using GPUCheck.com, you can find the best performance-value graphics card that matches your needs in terms of desired game quality settings, your budget, desired screen resolution, and current or target CPU. By providing, such flexibility in building your current PC vs your future PC, you have complete oversight of any power requirements, compatibility issues in terms of bottleneck resulting from the CPU, heat and noise levels expected, and performance expectations in over 50 games and more. We do not compare specifications only. We compare the complete build and focus on frames per second performance in the 3 main gaming resolutions 1080p, 1440p, and 4K. Our algorithms have been carefully designed and validated by studying the best graphics benchmarking review results in the web. Sites that are truly authentic such as: tomshardware.com, techpowerup.com, techspot.com, anandtech.com, and more of the same level of authenticity to validate our results in GPU scaling, CPU bottlenecking, and impact of performance. This website will act as the best tool to decide what to buy and what to upgrade to for everyone: the budget customer, the entry level, the mid range, the high end, and those looking for the best price-performance in every category. Feel free to contact us with your feedback and suggestions. Webmaster

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